Are you looking for a smarter way to exercise?


Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

Would you like to learn new approaches to get the physical activity you need?

As a movement educator, I teach innovative movement programs that enable you to reach your full potential.

Throughout the year, I lead weekly classes in my studio, Cats Pajamas on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. I teach workshops in Ruthy Alon's Movement Intelligence Bones for Life and Walk for Life programs.

My teaching is also available on Skype. Currently I am teaching Ruthy Alon's Movement Intelligence Chairs program. I teach personal trainer sessions as well. Give me a call or email to arrange an appointment. 

I teach:

In June 2014, I am leading two Movement Intelligence Certified Teacher Trainings, Bones for Life on June 14-17 and Walk for Life on June 19-22. These programs are available for both those continuing their training and those beginning.

We need our bones to last a lifetime, therefore it is important to think BonesForever. Come to Cats Pajamas on beautiful Salt Spring Island and learn how to adopt healthy and pleasurable natural movements into your daily life, and to keep your Bones Forever.