Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating Mentor Certification Training online

Coming later in 2018.
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We meet 3 hours each session, 3 x per month for a total of 12 sessions.

This course meets all the Foundation for Movement Intelligence certification requirements to become a Mindful Eating Mentor. It includes the Basic Program and the Mentor Training. Small class size ensures lots of personal attention. Learn this valuable program from the comfort of your own home or office. The training is done on Zoom video conferencing - you don't have to travel or pay for accommodation!

The Inner Game of Chewing

Mindful Eating is a way to cultivate a healthful relationship with food by learning strategies to retrieve the basic sense that knows what best supports life, what to eat and when to stop.

The process of mindfulness is about “waking up”, being in the present moment and creating awareness of internal and environmental cues that trigger eating. Once you are aware, you can change your actions.

Practicing Mindful Eating will increase your pleasure of eating by discovering the need for less food, detecting the signal of “enough”, but still leaving you satisfied and nourished.

This 60 hour Integrated training program includes the Basic Program and the Didactic Training. Graduates and Teachers of any Movement Intelligence Program will become Movement Intelligence Mindful Eating Mentors and be certified to mentor individuals and groups for personal self development.
Bones for Life® Trainers will be qualified to lead Mentor certification trainings.

This program is 36 hours of video conferencing class plus home practice and mentoring (24 hours) to make up the 60 hour training.

Participants with no previous Movement Intelligence training will need to take an additional 20 hours of any other Movement Intelligence program to receive certification.

The Mindful Eating training can be taken for personal education, continuing education credits, and/or Mentor training certification.


A Sample Strategy

Try a small example of a practical device, called Clean Hands. You eat with the agreement that you can eat whatever you want, and however much you want, but with the sole condition that each time that there is food in your mouth, your hands must be free of holding on to food. Not a fork, not a piece of bread. Whenever you are chewing, you agree to put down anything from your hands and give yourself the opportunity to truly take in the experience and appreciate the taste of what you chew in your mouth. You might be amazed to realize how the intention of your hand, while still holding a fork, is triggering the compulsion to take the next bite.
Implying the next bite means being in the future, robbing you of the satisfaction you could have reaped from immediate pleasure, that can only exist in the here and now. The moment food goes down your throat, the opportunity for pleasure has already been lost.
This process may not be as easy as it sounds.  Trying just this one of many devices used in the program, interfering with the blind, habitual aspect of chewing, you can feel how you are directly confronting your habits, attitudes, your personal archive of life-long lessons you have adopted since childhood — all of which are stamped into the physical dynamics of your self-feeding routine.
You may ask how can you go through this frustrating temptation without losing your nerve? The answer is: because you are gaining more pleasure of the pure delight of the food, eventually accumulating the building up of the complete signal of "enough", when your gut knows and you spontaneously know that you don't want any more. It becomes impossible to not pay attention to the sheer pleasure and satisfaction that you have gained.

Schedule (may change due to unseen circumsatnces):


You will need:

  1. Scarf or similar material (2 yard length by about 1 foot wide)
  2. Mat
  3. Chair, no arms
  4. Journal
  5. Small amount of food: for example, a piece of fruit
  6. Computer or similar device with a microphone, a camera, and with video conference software installed.
  7. Google account for creating, editing and receiving google docs.
  8. A well-lit and quiet space where you can set up your computer-connected camera so that it can see you from head to toe when you are both standingandsitting in the chair.


CECs available


BCRPA: 24 (pending)

CSEP: 15

BCAK: 15

FGNA: 60

Program Fees

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Once your fee has been recieved you will be a member of the class!

$635 USD Payable before the program begins.
Payment Plan: 3 x $230 = $690 USD Payable at the beginning of the program plus 2 x throughout the program

+ GST for Canadian residents 

Payment Options

If you wish to pay by cheque, send to:

Anna Haltrecht
104 Langs Road,
Salt Spring Island BC,
Canada, V8K 1N2

Cancellation/Refund policy:

Please contact Anna if you need to cancel or if you are unable to continue the program.


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